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Gingham wrap blouse


I love a bow.

My boyfriend has hidden things with bows from me when we go shopping. He thinks I am irrationally drawn to items adorned with bows. He’s right! I don’t think my style is super girly, but I love a bow.


The above is McCalls M6564.



I used a cotton blend I picked up on sale at my local Hancock Fabric store. The word “easy” is missing from the pattern envelope, so initially I was worried the make might be too complicated for my current skill level. It wasn’t. The directions were clear and uncomplicated. The pattern fit perfectly as written, so no fitting adjustments were made. I did add a snap to the front neckline. While trying it on during sewing, I noticed it gaped a bit across the chest when I moved around. I also gathered the tops of the sleeves to create a little poof. This wasn’t my original plan. I couldn’t get the sleeves to ease in without puckers, so I decided to gather the tops in order to make them fit. Luckily, I like the result.

During the make, I made two rookie sewing blunders. First, I sewed a dart inside out.


Then, I basted in a sleeve inside out.


Oh well… I’m still learning and I like the end result.




22 thoughts on “Gingham wrap blouse

  1. So cute! And I agree with those above on the pattern envelope. I’ve probably looked at it a million times and never thought to make it. I like that the tie is only on the side – not a sash all the way around. After seeing your version, I want to give it a try! Nice job!

  2. I’m with a lot of commenters: the envelope makes it look not very appealing. 😐 You made it look incredibly fresh and cute with the gingham! I’m still learning in my sewing too, and you overcame your blunders to make a great shirt! Well done!!!

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