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Monogram tote


This weekend, I wanted a quick project. I was in the mood for something fast and satisfying, so I whipped up a tote bag.


I used New Look 0126. I made the dress a while back and decided to give the bag a go.


It was crazy easy and I really like the result. The body of the bag is a faux blue suede I picked up on sale at Joann’s and the lining (and letter “B”) is made from quilting cotton. Luckily, I found strap material and ribbon for the top edge of the bag that match almost perfectly.

Interior of the bag with items needed for my workday

Interior of the bag with items needed for my workday. My laptop fits perfectly!

This project took about 2 hours on Sunday afternoon. There are a few things I will do differently when I made the bag again. First, I think I’ll shorten the straps by 3-4 inches. Second, I’ll use my walking foot to attach the lining to the exterior of the bag. There is one spot on the inside of the bag with a little pucker because the cotton moved on me while I was sewing. Third, I’ll use a smaller appliqué letter and a smaller zig-zag stitch when I apply it to the bag. The letter “B” is from Microsoft Word, but I think it’s a bit too big. Sewing around the letter got hairy at the round parts. It’s not noticeable  but I think a smaller stitch might be easier to maneuver.

My furry sewing buddy really wanted to climb into the bag while photos were being taken.

My furry sewing buddy gave me a photographic challenge. She really wanted to climb into the bag while I was taking pictures.

A second version of this bag is in the works. With Mother’s Day drawing near, I decided to try something different and make Mom’s gift. Her tote bag should be done soon!




7 thoughts on “Monogram tote

  1. Looks great. I love the idea of fast and satisfying sewing projects. Mine always seem to end up being a much bigger project though! Hopefully with more experience I’ll be able to whip something up in an afternoon too!

  2. Great tote! And I am pretty sure I have that pattern- And TONS of stash I could use to whip up a few… I think mine may need a big L on the front tho! (I like that idea- none of my girls can “borrow” it if it has a L!!) ~Laurie

    • The pattern is really easy- both the bag and the dress! I made the dress a while back out of a cotton poplin. I blogged about it somewhere on here… It came out pretty well for a first dress!

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