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“Sew” in love with Mathilde!


My Mathilde is finished!

This blouse was such a pleasure to make. The pattern fit me perfectly. (I’m 5’3″ and usually find the best fit in the petite department. Taller girls may need to lengthen the body, but it worked perfectly for me!) The only adjustment I made was to the fullness of the sleeve. I thought they were a bit too puffy, so I slimmed them down by 4 inches.

I encountered a few sewing firsts with this make: buttons

button holes


and French seams!

I was so worried about the button holes. They were intimidating! I read through my machine’s manual and practiced a bunch on some scrap fabric before finally braving it with my good fabric. I was thrilled with how they came out.

Overall, this was an easy make, but that was due in large part to Tilly‘s excellent online tutorials. Whenever I had trouble wrapping my head around the pattern directions, I referred to Tilly’s blog. Her detailed explanations and photos were a huge help. The bit about the gathered sleeves was particularly helpful

as was the post on the poof at the shoulder.


I wore the finished blouse to Easter dinner with a white mini skirt. I felt comfortable and chic while filling up on ham, veggies, and wine.


A huge thank you to Tilly for the great pattern and super clear online tutorials. Due to her diligence and my willingness to go slow and follow her every direction, my blouse is shockingly flawless (how amazing is that?!). According to her blog, Tilly is about to release another pattern. If it’s anything like this one, I’m all in!



24 thoughts on ““Sew” in love with Mathilde!

  1. What a perfect Mathilde! Congratulations on conquering this many sewing firsts so beautifully. I adore the dots. Really cool styled with the necklace too.
    Ooh, and by the way the new Tilly pattern is adorable. I can’t wait to get home and download it.
    Thanks for the Mathilde inspiration!

  2. Just lovely! The Mathilde blouse came together so nicely. Love your fabric choice (I actually have a very similar fabric that I am making into a Bowie sewalong make. Will be posting it later on this week.)

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