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Stalking Mathilde

I’ve been stalking the Mathilde blouse.


If you haven’t yet seen it (or it’s many versions), go ogle it right now- adorable, right?! It reminds me of other blouses I’ve been crushing on:

Polka dot top from Loft

Polka dot top from Loft

Hippie Haute Back-button blouse at Bergdorf Goodman

Hippie Haute back-button blouse at Bergdorf Goodman

A summery version from Ann Taylor

A summery version from Ann Taylor

These tops are lovely, but a little on the pricey side. That Hippie Haute beauty is over $200! My starving grad student budget can’t take that kind of hit, so I really want to make my own version. In the past month or so, I must have directed my browser to Tilly’s webpage a thousand times trying to work up the nerve to purchase the pattern. It’s so cute, and I want to make one so badly, but…

…button holes terrify me.

Despite my fear, I’ve decided to take the plunge. I purchased the pattern this weekend and am working on a muslin. I’m still a mess when it comes to gauging fit.  Ease and “finished pattern measurements” are still concepts I’m grappling with. By making a muslin, I hope to figure out the correct sizing and save myself angst when working with my nice fabric.


I’m a bit short on patience, so the muslin is sloppy. I managed to sew a side seam wrong side out. You can see it in the photo above. And, I just ironed and pinned one set of pleats. Lazy, I know, but it seemed like too much work to do a second set after I figured out the first. Of course that set didn’t go perfectly. One pleat is inside-out!

Although the pattern directions recommend I cut a size 4 based on my body measurements, I thought the finished garment would be a bit big on me. I cut the 3 instead and I really like the fit. Not too snug, but not “Oh! When are you due?” loose. That’s not something about which I want people to have to speculate.

Slightly less puffy sleeve

Slightly less puffy sleeve

I have also de-poofed the sleeves a little. I’m petite and I found the sleeves a bit overpowering. I followed the lead of Shivani at Pins and Needles and decreased the width of my sleeves by four inches. Much better. Shivani’s Mathilde is my favorite non-Tilly version of the blouse. I love the print. I love the fit. I love those wooden buttons. General love for her make!

I think I’m ready to cut into my nice fabric (I’ll post pics of that later). Unfortunately, I doubt I’ll finish the blouse until this weekend. Instead of blogging, I should be working on a manuscript… sewing time is tight this week. I hope to wrap up my Mathilde by Sunday. I’d really like to wear it to my parents’ for Easter dinner. I have a crafty Saturday morning planned with a friend who is a button hole sewing pro. She is aware of my fear of button holes and has offered her expert assistance. I’m hoping for success.


9 thoughts on “Stalking Mathilde

  1. I’ve got the pattern taped together, ready and waiting for me to trace it but I think the idea of all those buttons and button holes have scared me too. I’m avoiding it! Looking forward to seeing your finished make, good luck!

  2. I’ve been toying with this one too but I have so many patterns on my wish list at the moment. Your muslin is just to check fit, I’ve seen fantastic sewers just do one sleeve, or just the bodice… don’t worry if it’s a little sloppy as long as you can gague fit that’s sufficient.

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