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In honor of National Crochet Month…

According to the Crochet Guild of America, March is National Crochet Month. I had no idea there was an entire month devoted to crochet. My knitting needles might get jealous…

In honor of National Crochet Month, I am posting my first attempt at crochet.

Ta da!


A tech cozy for a Flip camera!

I know it’s not a complicated project, but it’s my FIRST finished crocheted piece. Be impressed.


A few weeks ago, my mom attempted to teach my how to crochet. (I blogged about it here.) Unfortunately, Mom hasn’t crocheted since I was a wee one and had a tough time recalling some of her former skills. I decided to search for some additional help online and found a Craftsy.com class, Crochet Lab, that appeared to meet my needs. Since I’ve been having such  a good time with Craftsy.com’s Sewing with Knits, I was optimistic. The course was also on sale for $10 which helped make my decision. So far, so good. I’ve learned how to single and double crochet.

The tech cozy is the first project in the course. It’s composed entirely out of double crochet and after many failed attempts, I was finally able to crochet straightly and consistently. The yarn I used was Sheep(ish), Vickie Howell’s line for Bernat. I’m happy with the way the cozy turned out. It only took an episode or two of Psych to create and it fits the Flip camera with a little room to spare. Although it was my first project, I didn’t keep the cozy. The camera isn’t mine! It belongs to my friend M who has allowed me to borrow it on several occasions lately for a research project. I noticed it didn’t have a case, so it was the perfect candidate for my first crochet project. I gave the camera and cozy to M this weekend. She seemed rather pleased with it and was inspired to pick up her long neglected crochet hooks and learn how to create a granny square via YouTube.  Pictures were shared via text message and I am very impressed…. and jealous. I’m going to log into my Craftsy.com course and learn how to make granny squares tonight!

I’ve been a bit of a crafting fiend lately. In addition to the cozy, I crocheted a scarf for myself, also a Crochet Lab project.


It looks a bit uneven in this photo, but the edges really are straight. You don’t even want to know how many times I ripped it apart to recrochet straight edges!

I finished it in a week! The scarf I knitted my brother took me a month. I am amazed how fast this came together. Again, I used Sheep(ish) yarn and the entire scarf is composed of double crochet. It’s chunky and thick texture, which I love, is due to crocheting with two strands of yarn throughout (one yarn is Plum(ish) and the other is Magenta(ish)). The result is perfect for winter days somewhere other than Florida…. I’m modeling the scarf below with a short sleeved T-shirt. It’s nearly 80 degrees here today! Oh well, it’ll be perfect for my next winter trip north.

I also sewed a knit top this week. I’ll share more about that later.

And- this weekend, a project involving the following material and pattern was in full swing.



I just have the zip and hem to finish tonight. Assuming all goes well, this will be my first dress. I’m optimistic.

Happy National Crochet Month!


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