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Crochet hearts and purr-fect fabric

Today, I learned how to create crochet hearts.

My first crochet heart

My first crochet heart

How cute is that? Since Valentine’s Day is over, I wasn’t sure at first what I should do with the heats I create. Then, I decided to use them as decoration for wrapped gifts. My boyfriend’s birthday is right around the corner. Guess who’s gifts will be decorated with yarn hearts?

I learned how to create them by watching this fabulous video posted by Little Birdie Secrets.

Isn’t it fabulous?! Even a super novice like me was able to follow along and experience success. The ladies at Little Birdie Secrets are good. Their site is awash with wonderful little crafty ideas. I highly suggest you visit.

I took a break from crochet hearts to cut some fabric for my Sunday morning sewing project:


It’s a lovely knit I purchased with the intention of participating in Petty Grievances‘s Jungle January. Unfortunately, January came and went before I could  get around to the project. Oh well… I really love the fabric and am excited to get my machine humming tomorrow. Obviously, Millie (my furry sewing buddy) approves. The fabric passed the cat-comfort test.


2 thoughts on “Crochet hearts and purr-fect fabric

  1. That Little Birdie tutorial is great, isn’t it? I made a bunch of these hearts last week, so sweet. Love the fabric you’ve posted and glad to see my cats aren’t the only ones who insist on sitting on fabric!

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