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Sewing with knits: Sweatshirt success!

A month or so ago, I discovered Craftsy.com and I am now a HUGE fan. I looked around locally for apparel sewing classes and found only a few quilting workshops. Through some random googling of “sewing classes,” I discovered Craftsy.com. I was immediately excited. Craftsy offers asynchronous online classes in a variety of crafty areas, including apparel making! The classes aren’t terribly expensive, have good user reviews, and appear to be taught by experts in the field. The first sewing class I viewed, Sewing with Knits, looked like a winner. I found an online coupon code and $15 later, I was printing out five different knit patterns and getting ready to watch the first in a long series of “how to” videos hosted by Meg of Sew Liberated.

Since my schedule is pretty crazy (working from 8am to 12am is normal- urgh!), I have very slowly watched video lessons and gathered supplies for the projects featured in the course. I finished the first project this weekend, a fleece hoodie, and I am crazy proud of myself!

Trying on my new comfy weekend sweatshirt

Trying on my new comfy weekend sweatshirt

I cut the size small and didn’t alter it. I probably should have gone with the extra small as this is a little big, but I like the fact it covers my bum when I wear leggings and is roomy enough to layer over a sweater. I bought the fabric Meg suggested, a natural organic cotton from Near Sea Naturals. It was a bit pricy, but it did wash and dry well and has a lovely soft feel. Unfortunately, it’s been about 80 degrees this week, so I haven’t been able to wear it yet.This might sit in a drawer until my next trip north.


MIllie inspected the finished garment .

MIllie, my furry sewing companion, inspected the finished garment.

The course itself is such a pleasure. Meg’s teaching background is obvious- both the video lessons and resource materials are clear, concise, and generally user-friendly.

The only thing about the course that worried me was Meg’s personal style. She’s eco-chic. She recommends organic fabrics and her finished products have a slightly hippy vibe. It works well for her, but while I love the environment as much as the next girl, there isn’t anything “eco” about my style. Since I went with her fabric recommendation, I think my finished sweatshirt is a bit on the granola side, but I still like it. It’s just sooo comfy! The next two projects are t-shirts. For these, I purchased knit fabrics at Joann’s that aren’t organic and probably weren’t created in an environmentally friendly way, but they are more representative of my usual style. Based on how easy the sweatshirt was to make by following Meg’s instructions, I am really excited to try the t-shirts. If only I didn’t have hours of work to do…


4 thoughts on “Sewing with knits: Sweatshirt success!

  1. I love this! I signed up for that class months ago, but haven’t started it – you’ve made me want to get in there and start! Your sweatshirt looks great – I don’t think it’s granola at all, especially with your leggings and boots. So cute!

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