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Knitting progress & new patterns for 2013

Since learning the basics of knitting exactly one week ago at The Knitting Loft in D.C., I have started a scarf. Here’s my progress thus far:


I’m pleased as punch with how it’s coming along. I purchased the yarn at The Knitting Loft with Cheryl’s help before I left D.C. and headed back home to sunny Florida. The yarn is produced by a company called Kollage Yarns and is created from recycled blue jeans. How cool is that?! Assuming it continues to come out well, I plan to give it to my boyfriend for his birthday. Fingers crossed!

In sewing news… I am back home with my machine and am excited to get started on some patterns I ordered over the holiday. I’m still on a high from the successful creation of the PJ pants and am optimistic about my next pattern experience.

I purchased four patterns and the last arrived just yesterday:


I’m going to start with the 2-hour skirt (New Look 0119). Since the 1-hour PJ pants took me 4 1/2 hours, I’m skeptical.


I’d like to give knits a try, so I purchased this pattern (Butterick 5789). I like view B best. I think it will be nice in the A/C. It claims to be “fast and easy.” We’ll see…


This one is super cute (McCalls M6604). I really like the cream gauzy-sleeved top on the right. It reminds me of a Chloe top from a season or two ago.


The last pattern is my favorite and will probably be a major challenge (Butterick B5851). I love versions A and C. I envision making this pattern at least twice, once in a formal fabric and once in a more casual and washable print to put into regular closet rotation.


The words “fast” and “easy” are not anywhere on the envelope, so I think I will hold off on attempting this one until I have a bit more sewing experience. Maybe by 2014?


3 thoughts on “Knitting progress & new patterns for 2013

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  2. Way to go on the knitting progress – your scarf is looking good! One distinct advantage of knitting over sewing is that it is much more portable. A ball of yarn and knitting needles can slip into a bag, but a sewing machine, not so much.

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