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Learning something new in 2013: Knitting!


Yesterday, I visited The Knitting Loft in DC. While trying to find fabric stores in the city (a completely pointless exercise) I discovered a handfull of yarn stores instead. Good reviews on Yelp and a website that stressed the relaxation of the knitting hobby got me curious, so I got off the metro and hiked a block or two down Pennsylvania Ave. towards the White House to The Knitting Loft.

The owner, Cheryl, was extremely helpful when I told her I was clueless and wanted to learn. She offered a private lesson on the spot and set me up with the essentials. After an hour next to her on the shop’s sofa, I was able to cast on, knit, purl, and cast off. I’m pretty impressed with myself! I created this:

photo (1)

Cheryl gave me homework. She told me to practice more and pick a beginner pattern on Raverly.com to try as a first project. I broke out the knitting needles at home and practiced for a few hours. I need to work on the consistency of my stitches. I tend to knit looser near the ends of the needles than the middle.

I then picked out three free scarf patterns on Raverly to try. I’m headed back to the Loft to get Cheryl’s help on which on to attempt first. I’ll also need some help deciding what type of yarn to purchase.

I never thought I’d knit (there isn’t much call for knitted items in Florida), but why not? I’ve decided 2013 will be about learning new things!


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