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Recounting the beginnings

Top 5 of 2012

2012 is nearly over and I was hesitant to put up a year-end wrap-up post. After all, I’ve only been sewing for 3 months! I decided to go for it anyway when I saw Gillian’s lovely “Top 5” graphic on a few other sewing blogs (above). So, here are my top 5 for 2012 (well, October through December)…

Top 5 Reasons I’m in Love with Sewing:
1. It’s a tangible endeavor.
-Most of what I do at work/school is intangible. I find creating a tangible product incredibly gratifying.
2. I’m in control.
-I’m a bit type-A (Who am I kidding? I am very Type-A). The complete control this hobby allows me suits my personality.
3. My creations have utility.
-I’m typing this up while wearing the grey PJ pants I made last week.
4. The online sewing community is amazing.
-I’m so inspired by the garments and personal style of other sewing bloggers. I even posted a question on Handmade Jane and received a very helpful email in response. How great is that?!
5. It’s so relaxing!
-I totally get lost in the process. It gets my mind away from books, papers, and deadlines. I have a tough time not working, so I need this sort of distraction.

I’m looking forward to sewing my way through 2013. There is so much to learn, at the risk of sounding too gushy, I can’t wait!


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