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Snow on Boxing Day and a dearth of fabric stores in the capital

Squee! Snow!


“Ohhh, it’s so pretty!” I gushed to my boyfriend as the wet flakes floated down. This Florida girl turns into a five-year-old whenever she sees snow. My boyfriend took the above photo in Soho on Boxing Day in between my oh-ing and ah-ing.

I’ve been traveling throughout the frozen north this holiday. My BF recently moved to DC, so I headed to his place and we traveled to NYC from there to spend a few days visiting his family. We had a lovely time. The 24th was my birthday, so he took me out for an amazing 5 course champaign lunch at Bouley. It was heaven! I really wanted to take pictures of the food, but my BF thinks it’s tacky, so I withheld. I did take a pic of the ladies restroom. It was so beautiful, I couldn’t help myself!


After lunch, we grabbed a cab to 30 Rock and saw the famous Christmas tree. The plaza was packed, but everyone was in such a nice mood, it didn’t feel oppressive. The tree is pretty spectacular. The photo below really doesn’t do it justice.


Sewing Update

Since I’ve been away from my sewing machine, no new sewing projects have been attempted. I have, however, had a chance to wear several recently created items:

1. The PJ bottoms have been worn a lot in the frozen north. They have proven to be as comfy and snuggly as I hoped. They’ve even survived the washer and dryer!

2. I wore my plaid skirt on my birthday. I am sure I was the only woman in Bouley sporting me-made “couture!”

3. The puffy brown skirt also made it into the suitcase. I haven’t worn it yet but certainly will before heading home after the New Year.

While I wasn’t able to visit any of the fabric stores in NYC (maybe next time), I did look up fabric stores in DC. I have ample time to shop in the capital, but I’ve been disappointed. I can’t find a single fabric store in the city! Apparently, people here don’t sew. I guess I will have to satisfy my new hobby by reading about techniques and browsing online venues. I already have my eye on some vintage skirt patterns on eBay. I also plan on using my free time to scheme my next sewing projects. I’m learning planning is half the fun!


4 thoughts on “Snow on Boxing Day and a dearth of fabric stores in the capital

  1. I have been similarly frustrated by the lack of fabric stores in the DC area. At this point, the only real option is G Street Fabrics – I have gone to the one in Rockville, MD. They have nice apparel fabric options, but it’s nothing like NYC.

    • It really surprised me that there isn’t at least one. I feel badly for you all in this fabric-less area! If I end up here permanently, I’ll have to check out G Street Fabrics and depend on online venues. Kinda sad, isn’t it?

  2. It really is, especially because from what I’ve heard there were several excellent fabric store options a decade or two back. My entry into serious sewing coincided with my move to DC, and I was excited because I expected ot gain better fabric store options. Oh, the irony.

    • I guess it’s a good excuse to make a few trips a year to NYC?… I’ll probably be in the area permanently in the next year or two and it’s disappointing. I wonder why the stores didn’t make it. Maybe locals are too busy to sew?

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