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Flannel PJ bottoms for the frozen north

This Christmas, I will be visiting my boyfriend’s family in the frozen north. (I’m from Florida, so once the mercury dips below 60, I start feeling like a human popsicle.) I was nearly packed when I realized I had a PJ problem. Normally, I flounce about in feminine negligé, but that isn’t appropriate when a houseguest. It was also going to be too cold for cute lacy numbers. I needed family- friendly flannel. After some shopping, I found ill-fitting pj bottoms at both Target and Old Navy for about $12.00 a pair. Elsewhere, PJ bottoms ran $20 to $25 and were way too long on me. I started to get frustrated. Then, I realized I could make my own!

At Joann Fabrics I discovered a Butterick pattern for PJ pants for $1.99.


Flannel was on sale (60%) off, so for about $5 a yard I picked up enough for two pairs of pants: bright pink with pink polka dots and grey with small yellow and black flowers.

The pattern envelope promised the pants could be completed in an hour. Since this was my first time working with a pattern, I figured I’d have to at least triple that time. Here’s the breakdown:

After 5 minutes:
Opened the envelope and read the directions. It looked pretty straight forward.


After 1 hour:
Cut and adjusted the pattern to my size.


After 2 hours:
Sewed up the inside seams and was wrapping my head around putting together the crotch area.


After 3 hours:
Figured out crotch area and had sewn up both legs. Was working on the waistband casing for the elastic.


After 4 hours:
Elastic was inserted and I was working on the hems at the end of each leg.


After 30 more minutes:


Although I took my time, I don’t think it’s realistic to finish these pants in an hour from start to finish. Using the grey fabric, I made a second pair. Those went much faster and took me only two hours to complete. Short of possessing super human sewing speed skills, I don’t think the pattern is do-able in only an hour.

Despite taking longer than an hour, I am happy with the results. They are very comfortable and I didn’t have to make any adjustments to the pattern other than shortening the rise and hem. Since I pre washed (and dried) the fabric, I don’t have to worry about shrinkage. I plan on making these again in a bright cotton for wear back home in warm Florida.

When he saw them, my boyfriend asked me to make him a pair! I can’t think of a better compliment.


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