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Mad about plaid: A second puffy skirt

I’ve been obsessed with plaid this fall. It’s everywhere and I want it all!

Here are some of my favorites:

1. From Etsy

2. From L.L. Bean

3. From Refinery 29

4. My favorite from J. Crew

Obviously, my next sewing project had to involve plaid. A quick trip to Joann Fabrics and a rummage through the sale table produced a lovely navy plaid for $4 a yard. I decided to make the puffy skirt again using the plaid fabric. Here’s the result:

In my new skirt.

In my new skirt.

After making the puffy skirt once before, it was a lot easier to pull off a second time. I made a few adjustments from the first version. First, I slimmed it down by two inches to lessen the puffy factor. Second, I increased the top ruffle from 1/4 inch wide to 1/2 inch. It made the ruffle a bit more noticeable. I wanted it to peek out over a belt. Increasing the ruffle at the top made it a bit shorter with which I was fine. Third, I finished all the inside seams with a french hem. There will be no washing machine unraveling happening with this skirt.

I’m pleased as punch with the way it turned out. I wore it to lunch with my mom this afternoon and out running Christmas errands. It was comfortable and even earned some compliments from store clerks. (They may just have been trying to sell me something, but I’ll take it regardless.) I think I’m slowly getting the hang of this sewing thing.


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