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DIY: The stockings were hung…

My new Christmas stocking

My new Christmas stocking

I’ve been wanting to get new Christmas stockings for a few years, but I haven’t been able to find what I wanted at a price I was willing to pay.  This year, with my sparkly new sewing machine, I was able to make exactly what I wanted!

I used leftover fabric from the holiday pillow covers and picked up faux fur and red ribbon at Joann’s. The template and tutorial I used can be found on Fabric Worm. The directions were great- clear and easy for a novice like me. I did deviate from the tutorial a little bit. First, I didn’t use batting to stiffen the stocking. The lining fabric I used is a heavy white twill and it holds its shape pretty well. I didn’t think batting was necessary. Second, I used faux fur instead of a contrasting cotton print for the cuff of the stocking. I love the texture of the fur against the printed cotton. It’s unexpected and fun.

I made three stockings and hung them on the holder my friend M helped me create this weekend.

The stockings are hung...

The stockings look like they are different sizes, but it’s a weird optical illusion. They are all the same size.  (Please ignore the very classy light switch)

My apartment lacks a fireplace and those stocking hanger things they sell in stores like Target require a shelf ledge, something I also don’t have, so I decided to create a place to hang my stockings instead. M, who is very crafty, volunteered to assist me with the project. As usual, Pinterest offered some inspiration:

Fabric covered holder no longer available on Etsy.

Fabric covered holder no longer available on Etsy.

The second holder was created by Char at Crap I’ve Made and she posted a wonderful tutorial. The holder is a cabinet door from the clearance section of Ikea. Char painted it and drilled holes for drawer pulls. I thought it was genius, so fueled by coffee and and a huge plate of vegan Christmas cookies, M and I got to work. We found a cabinet door at Ikea (We couldn’t find the same one Char used) and spent an afternoon getting crafty. Here’s the cost breakdown for my finished stocking hanger:

Cabinet door from Ikea- $5 (set of four)

Spray paint- $0 (M had some left over from a previous project)

Drawer pulls from Home Depot- $2.40 each, total for 3 = $7.20

Green bow from Target- $1.50

Black chipboard letters- $0 (from my scrapbooking phase years ago)

Total Cost: $13.70


The third knob is up a bit higher than it should be, but I’m pleased with it otherwise. Once the stockings are hung from it, the slight height difference isn’t really noticeable.

Now, I just need to finish my shopping so my new stockings will be full on Christmas morning!


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