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Puffy skirt update

I am happy to report the brown corduroy skirt survived the washing machine! There were, however, a few problems…

First, the unfinished inside seams were, as I feared, problematic.


The elastic casing on the inside of the waistband started to unravel on one side.


A knotted thread mess.

It wasn’t a complete disaster, but I needed to do some damage control. I pulled out my sewing machine and read through the manual to figure out how to do a zigzag stitch. I made the adjustments the manual said I needed to in order to create the zigzag.


Attempting a zigzag stitch for the first time.

A few minutes later… a finished seam!


I think I did this right…

The unraveling at the waist was a bit more problematic. I fixed it, but the stitching arches up where it became unraveled. As long as I wear the skirt with a mid-width belt, the wonky stitching should be covered up and no one will know it’s not perfect.


Sorry for this blown out picture- snapping photos at night is tricky. You can see where the waistband curves up in order to fix the fraying edge.

This definitely taught me the importance of taking the time to finish my inside seams. Making this skirt made me aware that fraying on future projects may be an issue, so I picked up pinking shears last weekend. Going forward I will always finish inside seams in clothing, but for small non-apparel projects that I don’t want to unravel, I think pinking shears will do the job.

My new pinking shears!

My new pinking shears!

Despite the mending the skirt required post-washing machine, I’m still pretty thrilled with it. I fully expected to pull pieces out of the machine rather than a still-complete skirt with a few fraying seams. I continue to consider the brown puffy skirt a success.

Obviously, this project has taught me that I have sooo much more to learn about sewing. Today, in an effort to continue figuring it all out, I signed up for an online sewing course. Home Ec Online is an online sewing course that includes a multitude of tutorials and tips for people like me who are just starting out. I found it via a Google search and am hoping that it will be as good as it looks. It appears to offer a lot of content for the $50 I plunked down via PayPal today. Hopefully, I will have access to the course soon. I really can’t get involved in any big sewing projects for another week- I’m eyeball deep in end-of-the-semester craziness. Once my final papers and grades are turned in, my course registration should be complete and I’ll be able to get started. I’m excited to continue learning!

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