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A puffy brown skirt

In my last post, I mentioned that I selected the J. Crew inspired “flirt skirt” on Elisabeth’s Growing Home as my first apparel project. She promised it was easy and, after carefully reading through her directions, I decided to give it a go.

A trip to Joanne’s resulted in the purchasing of this lovely brown corduroy fabric. Originally, I had wanted to find a plaid to closer recreate the J. Crew skirt, but the only paid in the store was “dry clean only” and I’m a poor grad student, so that wasn’t going to work for me. Luckily, I was pleased with the corduroy.


I purchased the suggested yard and a half.  I followed Elisabeth’s directions to the letter and the result, to my complete amazement, was a wearable skirt.

Here it is the first day I wore it.

Here it is the first day I wore it.

Here it is on a cooler day with a light sweater.

Here it is on a cooler day with a light sweater.

I couldn’t believe I actually created something wearable. I even got compliments on the outfit when I wore it with the black turtleneck!

Despite calling this first project a success, I did learn several things. First, the elastic I used was too difficult to manipulate. I bought the cheap stuff and I should have spent a dollar more on thinner elastic. I found it difficult to maneuver into the slits in the waistband and hard to stitch up once I had it where I wanted it. One side looks a little messy, but a belt hid the goofed up stitching from view. Second, this is a puffier skirt than I normally wear. Although I think it looks okay, it’s a little fuller than I would like (and fuller than the J. Crew skirt I adored). Third, I should have finished the inside seams. I didn’t and I’m afraid they’ll fray like crazy in the wash. We’ll see…

I’m going to try this skirt tutorial again, but this time with a much lighter cotton fabric. I picked this one up at Joanne’s the other day.


It was on the sale table and came out to only $4 a yard. The navy background and red print should work nicely into my existing wardrobe. I also purchased better elastic.  Once my final papers for the semester are written (due dates are creeping up on me- eek!), I’ll get started on the second version of my “flirt skirt.” With better elastic, finished inside seams, and an inch or so off the sides, my fingers are crossed that my second attempt will be a skinner, neater, and more professional result than the first.


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